BuzzFeed Tasty by eko

eko, the leader in choice-driven entertainment, has partnered with the world's largest social food network to introduce an interactive cooking series! Tasty by eko invites you the viewer to personalize recipes with choice moments that reflect your specific taste... Don't believe us, TRY IT!

From delicious chocolate chip cookies to amazing mac and cheese, eko provides a better approach to enjoying all the amazing recipes Tasty has to offer. With Buzzfeed Tasty by Eko, you're in control of the recipes. Do you want your cookies crispy or chewy? How spicy do you like your fajitas? You get to the decide—which means the perfect brunch, dinner or dessert recipe every time!


Making Masterful Meatballs

About 1 Minute

Prepare to master making magnificent meatballs in this interactive video where you choose ingredients.

Create Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries

About 1 Minute

Explore delicious and creative chocolate covered strawberry ideas. Choose between white or dark chocolate and show your skills.

Build a Better Biscuit

About 1 Minute

Build a better breakfast biscuit that breaks the internet and share your custom recipe.

Custom Chocolate Brownies

About 1 Minute

Get ready to bake custom chocolate brownies in an interactives experience where you choose the brownie toppings and more.

Fiesta of Fajitas

About 1 Minute

Take this classic Tex Mex dish that is fajitas and put your signature flavor on it.

By Far The Best Pie Bar

About 1 Minute

The classic pastry has gone snack size as you create your very own pie bars.

Fried Rice Done Right

About 1 Minute

Prepare a creative fried rice dish where you choose the rice type, style and more.

Personalized Piñata Cupcakes

About 1 Minute

Learn how piñata cupcakes are made and have fun personalizing them while you do it.

Mix Your Own Jackie O Cocktail

About 1 Minute

Prepare your own Jackie O Cocktail and choose between cognac or brandy. You even choose the garnish.

Create Your Signature Sensational Smoothie

About 1 Minute

Choose your perfect blend of ingredients to create the ultimate signature smoothie.

Prepare a Glorious Rotisserie Chicken

About 1 Minute

A battle of dark meat vs light meat and sides in this interactive rotisserie chicken video.

Enjoy the Perfect Milkshake

About 1 Minute

Mix, match and style the perfect milkshake. Choose between chocolate or vanilla and much more.

Create a Grilled Sausage Dinner Like No Other

About 1 Minute

Explore several amazing homemade sausage recipes. Get inspired and share your grilled sausage ideas.

Design a Yogurt Parfait That’s Completely Yours

About 1 Minute

Yogurt parfait made your way. Add honey or maple, make it chocolate or vanilla.

Create Your Own Chicken Wings

About 1 Minute

Fried or baked? How will you prepare your chicken wings? Choose between blue cheese, ranch and more.

Tasty Chocolate Chip Cookies Done Your Way

About 2 Minutes

You have your preferred perfect chocolate chip cookie. Are you team crispy or chewy?

Preparing the Ultimate Breakfast Waffles

About 2 Minutes

Fresh batch from scratch or box mix to get your waffle fix? Show us your waffle way.

Design Your Own Mac ‘n’ Cheese How You Please

About 1 Minute

Team bacon or broccoli? How will you mix your mac and cheese meal?

16 Ways to Make Sangria in 1 Minute

About 1 Minute

Red sangria or white? Tropical fruits or wild berries? Summer never tasted this good.

How to Make the Perfect PB&J Sandwich

About 2 Minutes

Think you know how to make a PB&J? Think again. Get ready to go all-out on this classic combo.

Design Your Own Baked Jacket Potato

About 1 Minute

A great jacket potato is more art than science – how indulgent do you want to be?

Inside Tasty by eko

What does your Interactive Tasty Creation Say About You?

With 320 possible recipes in 10 minutes of video, there are a vast amount of possible playthroughs. How do your choices compare? *Warning: Spoiler alert*

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Playing With Food: How We Filmed Interactive Tasty

If you’re not careful, plotting an interactive story can drive you insane (hello Bandersnatch) – here’s how eko Creative Director Marli Scharlin kept it simple.

Read more

These Mac and Cheese Photos Will Make You Cry

Maybe you will cry with laughter, maybe horror as you look at these failed attempts at mac and cheese we’ve curated.

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