Create Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are a sweet treat that are definitely not hard to eat.

They are also not hard to make. You dip strawberries in chocolate, and boom – you have a romantic snack for that someone special. That is by no means the limit though. Dipping is the basic level, but you can go beyond and bring your dessert game to a whole new plateau. Learn how to decorate chocolate covered strawberries and choose your toppings. You can even choose the type of chocolate you want to use with this interactive experience.

Take a look at our Interactive Tasty recipe up above and show us how you dip and decorate your strawberries. After you finish your recipe, we will tell you what your picks say about your personality. Are you going to create the “Nutty Bears”, or the “Polar Berry”? Get started and find out.

Despite both strawberries and chocolate having over a millennium of history, this synchronicity of sweets is relatively young. Believe it or not, many credit Lorraine Lorusso, a Chicagoan, with creating and selling the first ever chocolate-covered strawberries at her local shop in 1960.

This tasty pairing is often used as a romantic gift, and is quite popular on Valentine’s Day. Despite its young age compared to other foods and food combinations, there’s no question chocolate covered strawberries have made their mark, and inspired many other chocolate covered fruit combinations including bananas, cherries, blueberries and more. Is it romance that keeps these refreshing red candy covered goodies relevant? Maybe, but the fact that fruit and chocolate make a great combination probably helps too.

But does a chocolate covered strawberry have to be so simple? Explore your creative side in this Interactive Tasty recipe, and create a chocolate covered strawberry that’s uniquely your own.


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