Make Your Own Flawless Fajitas

It’s always a flavorful fiesta when fajitas are involved. In this new Interactive Tasty fajitas recipe, get the 411 on how to make them at home, just how you want them. Tortilla or quinoa? Mild or spicy? We’ve got you covered.

After you show us how you make your favorite fajitas, we’ll then give your recipe its own unique name. Will you make The Basic Bird or The Feisty Fowl? Or something completely different? Find out by choosing the fajita ingredients that fit your style.

The etymology of this great food, the fajitas, actually comes from the Spanish word “faja” which means belt, referencing skirt steak meat of cows.

So, the original fajita was a beef fajita. Future fajitas would find their own flavor footpath in history. From chicken to veggie, shrimp and more. The fajita has come a long way since Sonny Falcon, aptly nicknamed the “fajita king”, operated the first fajita stand back in 1969 in Texas.

Though its roots are in the belt of bovines, fajitas have come a long way to evolve into quite a flexible food. The fame of this dish is found in both flavor and versatility. In this Interactive Tasty recipe, you can put your own spin on the classic fajitas. Try it in the player above, and don’t blame us if you find yourself racing to the supermarket afterwards.


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