Create a Grilled Sausage Dinner Like No Other

It’s hard to go wrong with a grilled sausage dinner, especially when served with the right ingredients. But what are the right ingredients you ask?

You tell us, or better yet, show us by trying the new Tasty recipe above, sponsored by Walmart. Get grilled sausage dinner ideas as you navigate the choices in this immersive experience. Will you go pesto or keep it retro? How will you deliver your sausage manifesto? Show the world you’re a grilled sausage guru and we will show you what your choices say about your personality, with your own unique recipe name. Will your friends be calling you Sauce Boss, or saying What a Brat?

Did you know sausages have been around for over two millennia? There are actually references to sausages in the 500 BC Greek Play The Orya, which means “the pork”. The play is a comedy of course, because when is a sausage ever a tragedy?

Sausages derive their name from the Vulgar Latin salsicus or “seasoned with salt.” Don’t let the name fool you though, despite the sodium, sausage has nothing to be salty about. It’s been in the game for two thousand years and 82 percent of U.S. adults today consume it. If that’s not staying power, what is?

If you really want to appreciate this meaty morsel, October is the month to do it. It’s National Sausage month according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. If anyone is an authority on sausages it would be them, having been around for over 20 years.

While many in the U.S. prefer to have sausages for breakfast, sausage is no stranger to supper. And in our grilled sausage dinner recipe, you can explore 16 easy ways to cook it up and feed the family. It’s time to get cooking!


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