Jacket Potato Journey

The styling spud supreme is none other than jacket potato.

Do you know the best temperature to bake potatoes at? We can tell you, but you choose the ingredients. We’re talking sweet potato vs russet potatoes, queso vs sour crème and a few more adventurous options. Do potato chips in a jacket potato sound redundant to you or are you thinking bring on the march of the starch?

Check out the Interactive Tasty recipe above and show us how much of a passionate potato Picasso you are. We will then tell you what your jacket potato fillings says about you. Will you go The Basic route or are you more on the side of The Creative Thinker?

If you are not UK based, you might be thinking “what is a jacket potato?” Well jacket potato is actually an alternative name for what we in the US call baked potato.

With a UK alter ego comes a UK origin. Jacket potatoes were quite popular in 19th century London. Think peanut guy at baseball games today but instead of peanuts potatoes, and instead of a ball game the streets of London. It should also be noted that it’s estimated that these potato peddlers sold approximately twenty thousand pounds in the Fall and Winter. That is seriously a substantial sack of spuds. Potatoes cooked on a bonfire were frequently eaten on November 5th, a day to commemorate Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder plot.

The potato is top crop for sure. After wheat, corn, sugar cane and rice aka maize, potatoes are right there. That’s quite the glow up going from food that was feared and believed to cause leprosy to 5th most popular crop! Well done potato, talk about a most improved superlative. Truly a canvas crop that is made better by those who craft it the simple potato deserves to be placed on a pedestal.


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