Mix Your Own Jackie O Cocktail

Rim chilled, tragedy if spilled, the amazing Jackie O cocktail.

Try the Interactive Tasty recipe up top and show us your moxie as a mixologist. We will then tell you what your cocktail ingredients say about your personality, with your own personalized cocktail recipe. Will you get The Lush or The Procrastinator? Whatever you choose, remember to drink responsibly.

Contrary to popular belief, the tradition of drinking cocktails is likely have a greater connection to British history than American. In the 18th century “punch houses” were popular in England, where patrons would indulge in beverages flavored with spices, course fruit juice and spirits.

The first time the word “cocktail” appeared in print was in 1806 in Hudson, New York. The definition was as follows: “a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters vulgarly called a bitter sling”.

Cocktails have had quite the colorful trek through history, from British punch houses to pre-dinner drinks at the White House, introduced by style icon and First Lady Jackie Kennedy herself.

Try your hand at creating a new and personalized Jackie O cocktail in the video above.


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