Mix, Match and Enjoy the Perfect Milkshake

Making the perfect milkshake is all about mixing, matching and styling. It’s hard to go wrong when you’ve packed the blender with flavors and toppings that you enjoy. We’ve teamed up with BuzzFeed Tasty to give you the power to choose your own milkshake recipe, blend it, and add your favorite toppings, creating your own frosty and photogenic concoction.

The first choice should be easy – do you want to make a chocolate milkshake or a vanilla milkshake? If you’ve got strong feelings about this, you’re not alone. But what if you don’t like dairy? You might think that’d be a deal-breaker when making a milkshake, but there’s a supply of coconut milk to solve that problem.

We’ve got the ingredients and the blender. The rest is up to you. Show us your dream shake, and we’ll give you the recipe, plus reveal a unique insight into your personality. Are you the Marshmallow Marli, or The Caramel Claire? You’re just a few choices away from finding out – the blender is waiting.

The word “milkshake” has been around since at least 1885, when it was known as a drink similar to eggnog, loaded with whiskey, and definitely not for kids. The idea of a non-alcoholic, sweet milkshake like we know it today began to emerge around the turn of the century, and by 1930 it was commonly found at malt shops, where it was made with ice cream, milk and syrup.

The rise of milkshake popularity has a lot to do with the emergence of two key appliances: the electric blender, and the freon-cooled refrigerator. In 1922, the blender was invented, which transformed milkshakes from the thick, eggnog texture of the past into their current smooth frostiness. The invention of the freon-cooled refrigerator in 1930 allowed milkshake production to become automated, and many restaurants across the US began adding milkshake to their menus.

The heyday of milkshakes was undoubtedly in the 1950s, when they became a cultural icon of diners, burger joints and drive-thru movie theatres. Moving into present day, milkshakes are continuing to evolve – with restaurants like Black Tap becoming Instagram favorites for their gravity-defying “crazy shakes” topped with candy and entire slices of cake.

Whether you’re a milkshake traditionalist, or looking to build a multi-layered masterpiece, there’s a milkshake waiting for you to discover. Play through our Interactive Tasty recipe to find yours.


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