Build the Best Pie Bar By Far

Wow, you got bars!

Pie bars that is. Check out the Interactive Tasty recipe above for a flavor flow, presented in an interactive show, with ingredients that go head to head and toe to toe!

After you’re done making your masterpiece, we’ll give you a recipe with its own unique name. Are you Light and Breezy, or The Safe Bet? There’s only one way to find out.

Ever wondered where the humble pie got its beginning? Believe it or not, there is actually evidence of pies on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs. Some of these recipes are so old that they were written on tablets that weren’t touch screen.

It is widely believed that the ancient Greeks developed the pie pastry. Many pies in the early days consisted of meat fillings. There were also fruit variations and more simple honey-filled recipes.

Apple pie has become as synonymous with America as baseball and birds of prey with hair loss. If you travel down under to Australia, or visit our English friends in the UK, you will find meat fillings to be the norm. They could even be served with chips (aka fries) as a side.

There’s no doubt the pie is a pastry that deserves its props and place as a preeminent food. But what about pie bars? Try the Interactive Tasty recipe above to stake your claim on this historic dish.


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