Prepare a Glorious Rotisserie Chicken Dinner

It isn’t hard to see that a rotisserie chicken dinner is a dish with regal undertones. How can you not feel like a king or queen when feasting on this majestic meal?

As the choice-driven ruler of this Interactive Tasty recipe experience, you get to decide all of the ingredients in your own personal royal feast. Dark meat vs light meat? Grilled asparagus or butternut squash? You’re the sultan of supper and it’s your choices, your way.

Check out our Interactive Tasty recipe above and show us your rotisserie chicken ideas, then we’ll present you with a personality profile based on your choices. Maybe you’re a Summer Chick or maybe you’re The Full Monty. Either way, there’s a chicken dinner waiting for you with your name on it.

How do you revolutionize fowl over fire? You put a spin on it.

Rotisserie chicken finds its origins in medieval cuisine. We have come quite far since the days of servants known as “spit boys” churning meat slowly over fire. Roasting Jacks are also no longer powered by dogs on treadmills. And yes, that was really a thing once upon a time.

This Tasty recipe takes you straight into the future, where you decide each of the ingredients that ends up on your plate. One of the first choices is whether you want light meat or dark meat. This age-old question comes down completely to your tastes. In case you’ve ever wondered what the color itself comes from, it actually has to do with muscle usage. The parts of the chicken that use more energy like the thighs, are darker, whereas parts like wings or breast are used for shorter energy burst and are the white meat. Dark meat is generally juicier because of the greater fat content, which means more flavor. White meat is a bit more subtle in taste.

Rotisserie chicken is as rich in history as it is in flavor and continues to grow in popularity. What does the future hold for spinning meat over heat? You tell us, by playing the Tasty recipe above.


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