Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies by You for You

Can you ever go wrong with tasty chocolate chip cookies? The answer, of course, is no.

Many arguments have been had over whose grandmother has the perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe. You may have memories of your first time baking these classic treats with relatives, perhaps debating chocolate chips vs. chunks. Our Tasty recipe lets you choose the dough and the ingredients, sans sibling interference. Want to make the best chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe ever? Well now you can. Our interactive recipe even tells you at what temperature to bake chocolate chip cookies.

Check out our Tasty recipe above and let’s see the tasty perfect chocolate chip cookies you’ve longed for. Once you’ve completed your chocolate chip cookies, we’ll let you know what the recipe says about your personality, with its own unique recipe name. Will your cookies be Granny Style, or will you earn the title of The Decadent Minx?

There is actually some debate on the origin of chocolate chip cookies, in particular, whether or not they were initially an accident. One account of the story says that in 1938, Ruth Graves Wakefield, chef and proprietor of the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, was trying to make chocolate butter “drop do” cookies for guests. Out of baker’s chocolate, Ruth opted to chop a block of semi-sweet chocolate into pieces, expecting it to melt and disperse. That didn’t happen though, and instead tasty chocolate chip cookies were born.

An alternative origin story, probably more likely, is that Ruth Graves Wakefield created the chocolate chip cookie on purpose, while she was trying to improve a butterscotch cookie recipe that she offered at her restaurant. That story also claims the chocolate block used was given to her by a friend named Andrew Nestle. You might recognize his last name from somewhere?

Wakefield, who lived near Whitman Massachusetts, initially called her culinary concoction the “Chocolate Crunch Cookie.” Not as verbally palatable as chocolate chip cookies. From there Wakefield and Nestle struck a deal in which Wakefield got a lifetime supply of free chocolate and Nestle printed Mrs. Wakefield’s Toll House cookies recipe.

From a possible accident in the back of an inn, to Santa’s favorite pairing with a glass of milk, the journey of chocolate chip cookies over the past 80 plus years has been eventful, creative and always delicious.


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