Design a Yogurt Parfait That’s Completely Yours

Is there anything more Pinterest-picturesque than a yogurt parfait? It’s a tough call.

The yogurt parfait is the dish bold enough to be dessert and breakfast. Ingredients for parfaits have always been versatile and can include berries and granola, honey or maple syrup and much more. This Tasty recipe, sponsored Walmart, lets you choose your ingredients for parfait perfection. Maybe you’re on the dark side, and will find yourself drawn to chocolate parfait ingredients. Or maybe you’re light-hearted, and you’ll go with the vanilla yogurt parfait.

Try our Tasty recipe up top and show us your parfait potential. We’ll then tell you what your parfait says about your personality, with its own unique parfait recipe name.. Are you part of The Berry Beehive? Or do you style your parfait Canadian Style, eh? Put your parfait where your mouth is, and show us your favorite recipe.

“Je parle un français parfait.” According to Google Translate, this means I speak French perfect. Yes, in case you did not know, the parfait dish originated in France and the French were proud enough to name it “perfect.”

The yogurt parfait is more of an American twist on the French classic, and is generally a layered potpourri of yogurt, topped with nuts, berries, honey or really whatever your heart desires. While originally placed on a decorative plate, it has become more common today to serve in a tall glass or cup.

Wondering what’s the difference between an ice cream and a parfait? For one, as we established earlier, parfaits are perfect. It’s in the name, accept it. A yogurt parfait is also a great pick me up after the gym to get back some energy and look classy while doing it.

The parfait has certainly come a long way, from not-so-humble French beginnings on a decorative plate, to remixed American versions in a glass, or plastic cups, with yogurt. There’s no doubt the yogurt parfait is the perfect yogurt, again, it’s in the name!


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