Clothes Call with Nina Garcia

As a fashion stylist, the great power of guiding someone’s fashion future comes with the great responsibility of not messing it up. Throughout Clothes Call with Nina Garcia, an interactive fashion show, this fabulous fashion icon challenges you to style with the best.

Interactive Fashion with Nina: Get Ready

Nina Garcia (@ninagarcia)

Work alongside Nina Garcia, one of the most powerful voices in fashion to style festive looks for every occasion. Can you keep up with her impeccable style?

Style Some New Year’s Eve Looks We Can All Toast To

About 4 Minutes

Ready to end the year in style? We’ll see about that! 5, 4, 3, 2…

Create A Las Vegas Girl’s Trip Look That Screams “Viva Las Vegas!”

About 3 Minutes

Will you shine brighter than all the lights on The Strip with your styling prowess?

Carve Out The Most Mind-Blowing Ski Outfit

About 3 Minutes

Can you achieve the fashion equivalent of shredding gnar on the pow-pow?

Impress Every Employer With Your Job Interview Outfit

About 5 Minutes

Do you feel confident putting “styling maven” on your résumé? We hope so!

Produce A Concert Outfit That’s A Real Crowd-Pleaser

About 3 Minutes

Time for your styling solo! (We have faith that you won’t get booed off stage!)

Style Some Cute Workout Outfits That’ll Make Everyone Sweat

About 4 Minutes

Cue up your most motivating gym song and push through to fashion greatness!

Style Some Winter Formal Dresses and Look Like An Ice Princess

About 5 Minutes

Don’t freeze up! You need to create the coolest outfit at the dance right now!

Be The Award-Winning Director Of An Outdoor Movie Date Outfit

About 5 Minutes

Lights, camera, action! Are your styling skills ready for the performance of a lifetime?

Choose Between These Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas That Guests Will Gobble Up

About 5 Minutes

Style a look that everyone at the table will agree on (even your judgmental aunt!).

Score All The Stylist Points On These Dresses for Homecoming

About 5 Minutes

Think you know what a fashion touchdown looks like? We’ll be the referee of that!

Say “I Do” To These Fall Wedding Outfits

About 6 Minutes

Will you design the perfect autumnal wedding outfit, for better or for worse?

Put The BOO in BOO-tiful For This Haunted Hayride Look

About 3 Minutes

Can you create a scary good look that will make the spirits scream with envy?

Inside Clothes Call with Nina Garcia

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