Cook Together

Ever wanted to cook alongside a professional chef? Here's a chance to learn the best techniques in a fully interactive experience that moves at your pace and adapts to your food preferences. You choose the ingredients, increase the serving sizes and get extra help whenever you need it. Let's Cook Together!

Chefs & Interactive Recipes

Cook Together with Chef Nyesha Arrington

Cook with Chef Nyesha Arrington, a leader in the Angeleno food revolution, to create delicious dinner favorites with an international twist.

Egg-celent Eggs Benedict Recipe

About 6 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to know how to poach an egg without making a complete fool out of yourself? Join Chef Nyesha and make gourmet eggs benedict in this easy 5 minute recipe. It’s time to get crackin!

Non-Traditional Potato Pancake Recipe

About 6 Minutes

Chef Nyesha grew up in a multi-cultural family which inspired her to create a potato pancake recipe that blends her cultural backgrounds. Learn how to make her special Kimchi Latkes for a quick and easy dinner idea that will surely impress your friends.

Customize Your Own Ramen Bowl

About 6 Minutes

Learn how to make ramen alongside Chef Nyesha Arrington in this quick 5-minute interactive video that goes at your speed. Grab your cooking supplies, put on an apron, and you’ll have an easy dinner in no time.

Meet Chef Brooke Williamson

3 Recipes

Collaborate with Top Chef's Brooke Williamson in an interactive cooking experience to prepare three of her favorite, signature dishes.

Tangy Lime Tacos

About 6 Minutes

Create custom tacos to your taste. Chef Brooke Williamson shows how to make tacos and flavor them like a true professional. Choose between fried fish, chicken, and sauce options. You will even have the option of corn or flour tortilla.

Craft Your Own Poke Bowl Recipe

About 6 Minutes

Chef Brook Williamson gives her gourmet guidance on several poke bowl recipes. You choose your serving size, protein, such as shrimp or tuna, and veggies. You’ll then follow along to learn what poke bowl ingredients compliment your appetite.

Homemade Loaded Potato Skins

About 8 Minutes

Get step by step instructions on cooking homemade loaded potato skins. You choose the type of potato and what they get loaded with. The great part is you won’t be alone in the kitchen, you’ll Cook Together to make Chef Brooke Williamson’s recipe.

Meet Chef Daniel Holzman

4 Recipes

Chef Daniel Holzman, co-owner of The Meatball Shop, guides you through four delicious recipes. You will get Chef Daniel’s specialty meatballs and others including scallopini, pasta primavera, and roast chicken.

Make Homemade Spatchcock Chicken

About 11 Minutes

Professional Chef, Daniel Holzman shows several spatchcock chicken recipes where you choose the ingredients. Discover the top techniques as you learn how to spatchcock chicken, pick your sides and season to your desire.

Professional Pasta Primavera

About 8 Minutes

Learn how to make the best pasta primavera with insider tips from an actual professional chef. Choose your ingredients down to sauce and side salad. You will get insight into tricks of the trade like how to properly roast your veggies to perfection.

Skillful Scallopini

About 6 Minutes

Discover a variety of ways to make simple scallopini with professional chef skills. Chef Daniel Holzman guides users through different scallopini recipes offering up his saucy secrets.

Make Perfect Meatballs with The Meatball Shop’s Daniel Holzman

About 7 Minutes

Join chef Daniel Holzman, co-owner of New York’s famous Meatball Shop restaurants, as he shares his expertise on making a great meatball dinner. In this fully interactive cooking experience you can choose your spices, adjust your serving sizes, and even select your protein.

Inside Cook Together

The Meatball Shop Founder’s 7 Secrets to Making the Best Meatballs

Meatball Master himself Chef Daniel Holzman gives you the inside scoop, pun intended, on perfect meatballs. Get prof chef tips from the founder of The Meatball Shop.

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Why Interactive Cooking Videos Are Your Recipe for Success

Immerse yourself in an interactive cooking experience where you sit alongside a professional chef. Cook Together with some of the best in the industry.

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Cook Together: How eko Designed the First Fully Interactive Cooking Experience

An original cooking series based on the idea of pairing professional chefs and their favorite recipes, allowing for a completely immersive and unique culinary experience.

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