Cook Together With Professional Chef Daniel Holzman

Why stress about your cooking skills when you've got bigger fish to fry?

Wish you could have the help of a professional chef in your own kitchen?
If your answer to these questions is yes, keep reading, or if you want to cut to the cheese chase, click to start the video above and prepare to become a pro chef.
Whether you’re a sucker for pasta primavera or want to make meatballs like a master, our new Cook Together video series featuring Daniel Holzman, Executive Chef and owner of New York’s The Meatball Shop, has the answer to all of your culinary conundrums.
The interactive videos allow you to customize recipes based on dietary preferences or what’s in your pantry, taking you through the cooking process step-by-step with inside tips and tricks from some of the world’s greatest chefs.

If you got this far without salivating, click here to Cook Together and become the chef of your wildest foodie fantasies.

Chef Daniel's Interactive Recipes

Make Homemade Spatchcock Chicken

About 11 Minutes

Professional Chef, Daniel Holzman shows several spatchcock chicken recipes where you choose the ingredients. Discover the top techniques as you learn how to spatchcock chicken, pick your sides and season to your desire.

Professional Pasta Primavera

About 8 Minutes

Learn how to make the best pasta primavera with insider tips from an actual professional chef. Choose your ingredients down to sauce and side salad. You will get insight into tricks of the trade like how to properly roast your veggies to perfection.

Skillful Scallopini

About 6 Minutes

Discover a variety of ways to make simple scallopini with professional chef skills. Chef Daniel Holzman guides users through different scallopini recipes offering up his saucy secrets.

Make Perfect Meatballs with The Meatball Shop’s Daniel Holzman

About 7 Minutes

Join chef Daniel Holzman, co-owner of New York’s famous Meatball Shop restaurants, as he shares his expertise on making a great meatball dinner. In this fully interactive cooking experience you can choose your spices, adjust your serving sizes, and even select your protein.

About Daniel

Daniel Holzman is the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of New York’s The Meatball Shop. He also happens to be an author, app creator, amateur film photographer and travel enthusiast.

At the age of 16, Holzman started his culinary career in the kitchen of renowned French restaurant Le Bernardin. After four years, he went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America on a full Scholarship from the James Beard Foundation. Soon after he’d work at some of the country’s finest restaurants including Palladin, Napa, The Campton Place, Aqua, Jardinière and Axe, before returning to his roots to open New York’s beloved neighborhood spot(s) The Meatball Shop.

He’s spent the last 10 years expanding his meatball empire, most recently bottling the secret sauce so that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your kitchen.

When he’s not making meatballs or Instagramming envy-inducing cuisine, you might find him teaching people how to cook—in your kitchen with Cook Together.

Cook Together

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