Cook Together with Chef Nyesha Arrington

Long before she competed in season 9 of Top Chef, Chef Nyesha Arrington was raised in a multi-cultural household in Southern California. Her upbringing was a fusion of cultures which inspired her to add a unique, international flare to some of the most traditional recipes. As a child, she spent hours cooking with her Korean grandmother crafting unconventional recipes – namely bulgogi, octopus, and kimchi.

Fast forward 10 years, Nyesha jump started her career under the mentorship of Josiah Citrin, executive chef of Mélissa Restaurant in Santa Monica, following her graduation from the Culinary School at the prestigious Art Institute of California. Nyesha has also worked under French chef Joël Robuchon at his restaurants, L’Atelier and The Mansion in Las Vegas. Both mentors helped Nyesha refine her signature style to include the perfect blend of traditional, with an ethnic mix. Nyesha’s success has helped redefine “New American” food both in Los Angeles and across the country.

Chef Nyesha's Interactive Recipes

Egg-celent Eggs Benedict Recipe

About 6 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to know how to poach an egg without making a complete fool out of yourself? Join Chef Nyesha and make gourmet eggs benedict in this easy 5 minute recipe. It’s time to get crackin!

Non-Traditional Potato Pancake Recipe

About 6 Minutes

Chef Nyesha grew up in a multi-cultural family which inspired her to create a potato pancake recipe that blends her cultural backgrounds. Learn how to make her special Kimchi Latkes for a quick and easy dinner idea that will surely impress your friends.

Customize Your Own Ramen Bowl

About 6 Minutes

Learn how to make ramen alongside Chef Nyesha Arrington in this quick 5-minute interactive video that goes at your speed. Grab your cooking supplies, put on an apron, and you’ll have an easy dinner in no time.

The Angeleno Food Revolution

Food critics have identified her as a leader in the Angeleno cuisine revolution. Angelenos are defined as natives or inhabitants of the Los Angeles area, and Nyesha believes there are three critical aspects of any dish. According to her, you need “a sense of nostalgia, a bit of seasonality, and a cultural conversation.” These nuances in flavor make her an important figure throughout the community.

Nyesha advocates for the farm-to-table model and encourages fellow chefs to use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Nyesha is committed to transforming industry standards for food quality, and even spearheaded a dinner installation project, “Food is Art” to benefit the Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles.

You can add your own unique style to your favorite recipes alongside Chef Nyesha in eko’s Cook Together series. Click here to get started!

Cook Together

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