Interactive technology is changing the way audiences experience TV shows and music videos. But what about the way audiences connect with content creators themselves?

Enter Create With Me – an interactive show designed to give audiences a chance to get to know their favorite creators in a way that isn’t possible with traditional video. Rather than just sitting back and watching vlogs and tutorials, in Create With Me viewers take a hands-on role, making choices which personalize their experience and enable a deeper connection.

The first Create With Me series features Naomi Davis, who you might know as @taza, a New York City-based blogger and mother-of-five who is a full-time content creator on her popular Instagram feed and website

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In each of the four episodes, join Naomi as she discusses different aspects of content creation. In one episode, you can help Naomi make style choices as she gets ready for a night out. In another, Naomi guides you through how she takes photos – sharing tips on how she turned her family photos into a full time business, with advice tailored to your interests.

Gil Kruger
“When you’re producing linear video, there’s only so much that you can assume about the audience and what they might be interested in,”
eko producer Gil Kruger said.

“But when you add interactivity, each choice that the viewer makes helps you eliminate these assumptions. It helps us deliver an experience that is more tailored to the viewer, and hopefully more engaging.”

“It’s more complicated to produce than regular video, but the end result is a personalized experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

eko is teaming up with a range of different content creators this year to produce new Create With Me experiences. Rather than being a fixed format, each series will be adapted to the creator themselves and how they would most like to interact with their audience.

“The fun of making Create With Me is that like content creation itself, it’s a format that has the potential to appeal across a broad range of audiences and genres,” Gil said.

“A content creator who specializes in travel might have a completely different way to use eko’s technology than one who specializes in beauty and wellness, for example. We’re excited to see the different ways the format gets interpreted.

Check out the first episodes of Create With Me, featuring Naomi Davis, right here.

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