Epic Night Credits

After graduation day, three friends are facing going their separate ways and want to make the last night of college count. You play as Martin, juggling his genius crush and his stressed-out BFF, all on a vital mission to get into the coolest graduation party of all time. Will Martin choose love, loyalty or something completely different? It’s up to you to turn this grad night into the most epic night ever.


Part 1

About 9 Minutes

Sometimes, the most epic nights have the most bizarre beginnings. Where will Martin go first?

Part 2

About 9 Minutes

Martin’s friend disappears again, only now she’s left him with probably the worst parting gift!

Part 3

About 12 Minutes

When Martin is forced to scrounge up some quick cash, things go from weird to WEIRD.

Part 4

About 12 Minutes

Every epic night must come to an end. Will Martin’s end with smiles or tears?

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