Wizard School Dropout Credits

After defying her parents and becoming a wizard school dropout, Andy has to figure out how to make it on her own in decidedly non-magical Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Glimdrang Academy doesn’t prepare you for getting a job in this economy. About to lose a piece of her soul to her creepy landlord, she needs your help to figure out how to be a wizard in real life. Help her make friends, cast spells, start an (unlicensed) business, and maybe prevent a little bro-pocalypse along the way. And don’t forget the rent!


01. The Wizard & The Eviction Notice

About 9 Minutes

The evil landlord is evicting our wizard heroine! Help Andy save her heirlooms and make a deal, all to keep from going back to the wizarding world.

02. The Wizard & The Quitter

About 10 Minutes

A new friend and an annoying bro walk into a bar, except this is no joke. Get crunk, make some cash if you’re quick, and pick up another magical item.

03. The Wizard & The Freaky Fresh Sneakers

About 7 Minutes

This ain’t your average poltergeist. Andy and Zhao land their first paying customer, in a case of magical pest control that’s much more than it seems.

04. The Wizard & The Mysterious Backstory

About 8 Minutes

Flashback alert: Snooty teachers, school crushes, and moral dilemmas await. Andy’s past relationships will ripple into her present, so play carefully!

05. The Wizard & The WizBizNiz

About 7 Minutes

Can she fix it? Yes, she can! That is, until the ish hits the fan, when Zhao’s ex-boss and Andy’s ex-crush crash the party. Ten points to Narc-yndor.

06. The Wizard & The Annoying Hot Cop

About 8 Minutes

It’s the weirdest reunion ever when Andy’s interrogated by her old Glimdrang crush, who’s investigating reports of a great evil in Highland Park…

07. The Wizard & The Department of Magical Vocations

About 9 Minutes

Are you a good test taker or a bad test taker? Not a trick question. Help Andy ace her wizard licensing exam, and deal with her snooty old professor at the magical DMV.

08. The Wizard & The Cactus F&%$er

About 6 Minutes

You can’t help who you love… especially if you’re under a love potion. Help Andy & Zhao break a prickly curse and save their favorite bartender Marco.

09. The Wizard & That Thing From Her Headaches

About 6 Minutes

Anybody got any aspirin? Andy needs–wait, never mind, her headache is now a monster IRL!!! Learn how to speak Shade or get eaten. Your call.

10. The Wizard & The Out of Body Experience

About 13 Minutes

Sorry to bother you, but I’m dying. Save Jordan’s life before he goes the way of the Wizard dodo and unlock the mysteries of the shade realm.

11. The Wizard & The Mother Fogger

About 10 Minutes

Is there anything worse than being trapped in a conference room with an evil bro?? Bro. No. The QEW is revealed—but is it too late to stop him.

12. The Wizard & The Climax

About 12 Minutes

This is it — the fight to end all fights. The boss to end all bosses. Everyone’s brain is on the line. DON’T fog it up.


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