The Coop Credits

Welcome to Season 39 of the most interactive reality show ever: The Coop! Get ready to be dropped right in the middle of this action-filled murder mystery reality TV show as you control what the housemates say and do on-air. But be warned, there’s a murderer in our midst, and they are bringing a real toxic energy into the house, especially after they offed token house-hunk, Ryan. It’s up to YOU at home to sleuth out this murder mystery game and find out who the killer is… so get to it already!!


01. Who Killed Ryan

About 6 Minutes

Season 39 begins with the biggest twist in the show’s history: MURDER!

02. Friend or Foe

About 10 Minutes

All eyes are on the housemates, but who’s got eyes on the eyes filming them?

03. In Memoriam

About 8 Minutes

Ready to mourn with the best? Grab those tissues — it’s gonna get wet and wild. You know, because of grief.

04. Run for Your Life

About 3 Minutes

Who was the last person to see Ryan alive even though it was like, super dark outside?

05. Never Have I Ever

About 10 Minutes

Are these housemates ready to spill some details or just some drinks into their mouths?

06. The Death Rattle

About 5 Minutes

What’s small, noisy, and red all over? Come on, obviously it’s THE MURDER WEAPON.

07. I See Dead People

About 8 Minutes

Is the afterlife all it’s cracked up to be? The housemates ask Ryan all about it at Petra’s séance!

08. Good Cop Bad Cop

About 7 Minutes

Somebody is given the third degree, even though it was not on their birthday wishlist.

09. One Wedding and a Funeral

About 4 Minutes

Whaddaya get when you mix wedding bells with funeral bagpipes? A sound unlike any other on TV!

10. Sustained Objections

About 10 Minutes

Production found the most affordable and willing priest in town, so let’s get married/buried!

11. Bad Reception

About 7 Minutes

Are you heading to the bar or the photo booth before visiting the open casket?

12. Maid of Dishonor

About 8 Minutes

A first dance that no one will soon forget, no matter how hard they try!

13. Who-Dun-It

About 10 Minutes

Hold onto your corroborating evidence — Ryan’s murderer is about to be unmasked. For real! Really!!!!

14. Flew the Coop

About 10 Minutes

They’ve had time to process/heal, so now The Coop cast is ready for a reunion!

15. Flew The Coop Pt. 2

About 10 Minutes

Want to know how Ryan’s killer feels about everything? Check out their hot take from jail!