Timeline Credits

When Dee’s phone mysteriously gains the ability to see the future, she might just have a chance of going from a zero to a major hero at her high school. Help Dee use her psychic phone’s social timeline to figure out why her BFF Marti is giving her the silent treatment, and how she can get closer to her crush. Along the way, you and Dee will discover a sinister mystery haunts the halls of North Adams River High School.


01. What the Future?

About 8 Minutes

Grab that hand sanitizer, because Dee’s phone is about to take a swim in the… future?

02. Keep Me Posted

About 8 Minutes

Dee’s future-telling psychic phone can’t stop her from high school hell, a.k.a. the principal’s office.

03. 1-800-PARTY

About 7 Minutes

Are you going to What Party? Dee would like to know where it is… please?

04. Phone a Friend

About 5 Minutes

Dee finally has the hot info about What Party, but how will she weaponize it??

05. Dial M for Mistake

About 9 Minutes

P-A-R-T-Y! What does that spell?… Oof, nothing good, at least for Dee.

06. Future’s Not So Bright

About 5 Minutes

Y’know who’s the worst person to have at a party? Dee’s mom. Get out, mom!

07. Dee-Dee Phone Home

About 9 Minutes

Ain’t no party like a Dee party cuz a Dee party is bound to go wrong!!!

08. Future’s Calling

About 11 Minutes

Woop-woop! Nope, it’s not a cry of joy from the dance floor — it’s the police!