WDYWK by eko

WDYWK is an interactive show that makes learning fun and accessible. There is truly something for everyone, too — indoor gardening, mermaids, coffee, space shuttles… the list goes on. This online trivia game has no map or agenda, it’s virtually never-ending! So, whaddyawannaknow?

Interactive Clickhole

WDYWK by eko


Becoming a know it all has never been more fun in this interactive trivia game.

Inside WDYWK

Becoming Alice: Into The Internet Rabbit Hole

Have you ever wanted to be the master of funny irrelevant facts? Explore our internet rabbit hole so you can answer those tricky trivia questions and impress your friends.

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Why Are Humans Curious? Apparently, It’s So We Don’t Die

Curiosity might have killed the cat but being inquisitive is part of human nature and without it, we’d probably still be cave-people. So… what do you want to know?

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What Do You Want to Know About WDYWK? Trivia Q&A with Show Producer Gil Kruger

Most eko shows have a clear beginning, middle, and end, but the goal is to get lost into WDYWK. Here’s a glance into the madness.

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